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The Interior Department Contingent

Stephen T. Mather

Horace M. Albright 

Mark Daniels 

Robert MarshallWould become a founder of the Wilderness Society

Burton Holmes, renowned lecturer, world traveler, and author, and his cameraman, Frank Depew.

Emerson Hough, popular novelist and magazine writer, an ardent conservationist. 

Gilbert S. Grosvenor, director of the National Geographic Society and editor of its magazine.

Peter C. MacFarlane, novelist and writer for such magazines as the Saturday Evening Post Congressman Frederick H. Gillett of Massachusetts, ranking Republican on the House  Appropriations Committee and at sixty-five the oldest member of the party.

Ernest O. McCormick, vice-president of the Southern Pacific Railroad, a forceful business promoter  and leader in the development of Crater Lake National Park

Henry Fairfield Osborn, president of the American Museum of Natural History and the New York Zoological Society, paleontologist for the Canadian and U.S. Geological Surveys.

Ben M. Maddox, owner and publisher of the Visalia Daily Times, general manager of the Mount  Whitney Power Co., and leader in the development of Sequoia National Park.

Wilbur F. McClure, California state engineer, the man responsible for construction of the John Muir Trail to connect Yosemite Valley with Mount Whitney.

George W. Stewart, Visalia attorney and newspaper editor who had organized the publicity campaign  to create the Sequoia and General Grant National Parks.

Clyde L. Seavey
, member of the California State Board of Control (state finances).

Henry Floy, electrical engineer from New York City, Mather's brother-in-law F. Bruce Johnstone, Chicago attorney and close friend of Mather's.

Samuel E. Simmons, Sacramento physician and brother-in-law of Robert Marshall. 

Lending critical support were Sequoia National Park Ranger Frank Ewing as chief packer and the Chinese cooks for the Geological Survey, Ty Sing and his assistant, Eugene.

"Creating the National Parks - The Missing Years," by Horace Albright

Chapter Seven - The Mather Mountain Party, 1915

Every chapter is well worth reading, but this one is striking.  

Chapter Seven - The Mather Mountain Party - 1915