Arthur C. Pillsbury Foundation

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The Desmond Cup was a part of the stories Dad told me when I was growing up.  He was given the Cup by his father, Arthur C. Pillsbury and it was carefully cared for. 

All of the things Dad had from AC were carefully preserved in our home.  They were taken out when he related the stories of Grandfather's amazing life to us.  In turn, I shared these stories, beginning when I was very young.  Each photo, d'orotone, postcard, and the Cup were replaced where they belonged. 

Morgan, my daughter by my first husband, a psychopath, viewed such items differently.  Morgan stole without conscience.  I realized this when things began missing from my home, years later.

Apparently, along with her other predatory sneak trips to Springville in those months before Dad moved to Santa Barbara to live Anne, the oldest child in our family, she made these little 'harvesting trips' to the house in Springville.  Never saying hello to him, she would wait until he was napping and steal anything which looked like it might be worth selling.  

Morgan is a psychopath.  More about her here .

When it became obvious things were missing we, myself and my other siblings started wondering what was going on.  Morgan told me the lady who came and cleaned for Dad was stealing. 

The Cup surfaced, thanks to a good-hearted lady who purchased it and then contacted me through the website.  I am grateful every time I look at this picture. 

Never trust Morgan.