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Five Mentions of 
Arthur C. Pillsbury
Shirley Sargent
Historian for
Yosemite Museum Archive


BOOK IV, Vol. VI                                                                          April, 1978

  1. Managing Director
  2. Managing Director

 Page One

         It is not really surprising that Shirley and the Adams Family, most especially Virginia Best Adams, would use a full page of photos by Arthur C. Pillsbury (Page Two) to eggrandize Virginia's present in Yosemite.  Shirley evidently learned not to attribute photos to Arthur C. Pillsbury after her previous slip up, which you saw in her use of his name for the porters in the Camp Curry article.  Today, we are all witness to the rewriting of history deemed necessary by entities with power without rectitude or conscience.  
           Was Ms. Ward a photographer?  Who took the photos she so graciously 'shared?'  Pillsbury.  Otherwise the name of the photographer would have been recorded.  On Page One you see at the right of the photo the Pillsbury Studio, which is what required the single use of the name of the man who made and showed the first Nature Movie in 1909.  He showed his films in Yosemite several times a week, which is why Yosemite became a destination popular enough to generate the profits needed to subsidize the upscale resort which was the entire reason Stephen Mather wanted to control these American treasurers.  

                For more on Stephen Mather read about how he obtained his wealth.  You would have to say he lived his life according to the same set of values he demonstrated so thoroughly at every point.