Arthur C. Pillsbury Foundation

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The Cover-Up Continued
And the Cover-Up Will End

January 1, 1975 ​-  Yosemite and Its Innkeepers by Shirley Sargent, Foreword by Horace Albright 

        In 1978 Stephen Douglas Harrison contacts Arthur C. Pillsbury's two surviving children, Grace Pillsbury Young and Dr. Arthur Francis Pillsbury to determine if Dr. Pillsbury has revealed the arson by Ansel in the Pillsbury Studio.  The correspondence continues until Dr. Pillsbury's death in 1991.   
April 22, 1984 - Ansel Easton Adams dies in Carmel, California

1999 - Horace Albright's book, Creating the National Parks - The Missing Years, is released.  The book is a mea culpa for the early part of the conspiracy.  After Mather's death in 1930 Albright was in charge of carrying out their plan.