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Andrew Bernard Charles (A. B. C.) Dohrmann

ABC's father, Frederick William Dohrmann,  was respected and honored for his kindness, his many acts of civic responsibility and charity.  An Immigrant, forced to come to the US because of the civil unrest during our Civil War.  Then living in Iowa in 1864, he decided with an association who had accompanied him from Germany, to relocate to San Francisco, then a hotbed of money and experiencing a real need for a build-out of reliable commerce.  

Frederick supplied this, and more in his years as a businessman in San Francisco.  Frederick died in 1914, leaving behind a large family which included  two sons, ABC and William F. Dohrmann.  Another brother, Frederick William Dohrmann, Jr., died in 1904 at age 36.  

ABC was a very different man than his father.  

Dohrmann Background in Germany and after arriving in SF

Finding Aid to the Frederick W. Dohrmann Family Papers, 1896-1936

A short talk by ABC Dohrmann in the ebook at the left.


Chapter 25 from, "Creating the National Parks - The Missing Years", by Marian Schenck, the daughter of Horace Albright, is also relevant to Andrew Bernard Charles (A.B.C.) Dohrmann. 

What is missing here, because Albright and his daughter simply ignored the years between 1919 and any mention of Arthur C. Pillsbury, goes to the heart of the matter.   

NPS 'Revisions', better thought of as evasions and a careful restructuring of facts, are ubiquitious.  See an example of this HERE