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Why This Site Was Built

I was in my forties when Dad asked me to carry out the mission he had realized was necessary. It was a moment that changed my life.  There was no thought in my mind that it would take decades to understand what had happened or that the research would, through time, merge with my growing concern for the wellbeing of people and our freedom as individuals.  

Being attacked is not fun, and I do not enjoy it.  But it does serve to let me know the truth is getting out, and for that, I am endlessly grateful.  

Grandfather wanted all people to understand their individual connection to the whole of the natural world; to see themselves as part of that world.  He was right, spending his life, day by day, effort by effort, to open wide our eyes to the facts.  

These are the insights we need to find peace with each other and move forward together. If you agree, read this site and then join us in giving all people a voice in the future, and most importantly, in choosing our own, individuals paths to the future which will be opened to us.  How can your own life be spent, if this is the future you believe is right?

Melinda Pillsbury-Foster
Morning of April 23, 2018 - No Makeup

The Mission

The research on the issue of Ansel Adams arson, committed by him but contracted for by Stephen Mather, covered up by Horace Albright, colluded in by Adams' hirelings, led to more issues which shocked members of my family.  Sometimes it takes a shock to wake us up.  Being awake to reality is always better.  Today many of us are sleeping, too stressed and in pain to be able to confront what is happening.  There are many ways to help them, and this is part of our plan along with stabilizing our economy and opening up the future to innovations that help everyone.  

While the research continues steps are being taken to ensure an outcome for justice, long overdue.  

A Family Gathering & Story

Arthur Francis Pillsbury, the youngest son of Arthur C. Pillsbury, married Mary Alice Reasoner from his father's home on June 24, 1933.  On their marriage

The couple had five children, Anne Aetheline, Carol Sylvia, Charles Arthur, Mary Linda (Melinda) and Stephen Martin.   Family Lineage

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En-Titled Elites
Photo taken around 1970 at 3266 Colby Avenue, Los Angeles

Left to Right-  Adults: Dr. Arthur F. Pillsbury, Stephen Martin Pillsbury, Anne Aetheline, Charles Arthur, Mary Linda (Melinda), Mary Alice, Gary Lee Holbert (husband of Carol Sylvia), Evelyn Gould (Aunt Evelyn, former sister-in-law of Mary Alice and Carol Sylvia. 
Children -  Left - Right: Parry Pillsbury Gripp (on horse), Alice  Elizabeth Gripp, Carolyn Anne Barteaux, psychopathic offspring of Melinda's first marriage, now known as Morgan Gell, and Eric Scott Holbert, son of Carol Sylvia Holbert. 

Arthur C. Pillsbury's Parents and Older Brother

Dr. Ernest Sargent Pillsbury

Dr. Harlin Henry Pillsbury

Dr. Harriet Foster Pillsbury

Arthur Clarence Pillsbury

The Pillsbury Kids

The Carven Stone which stood proudly at the front of the Studio, upright and filled with hope. 

Pillsbury Pictures Inc. 1924

It was carved by the hand of Arthur C. Pillsbury on his journey to awakening in humanity an understanding, and love, for the world of Nature, of which we are a part.
Cowards and Villains, moved only by greed and arrogance, saw it, and Pillsbury, as a danger to their desire to control all of us.  
Salute the mission Pillsbury began, still to be fulfilled.  

The Pillsbury Studios

The stone lays near the foundational footprint of the first Nature Center the world would know.  The Studio, with its 375 person theater welcomed tourists into worlds they had not imagined.  The foundation is now partially occupied by the National Park Service Yosemite Visitor's Center. 

Salute the Stone as you pass.   This is a story not yet finished.