Arthur C. Pillsbury Foundation

Protecting and Preserving All Life -- By Extending Human Vision

Arthur C. Pillsbury

Film Maker


  Purchased 1st movie camera 1892 – 1st Nature Movie 1909 – 1st Lapse-Time Film 1912
Films Licensed for Global Distribution by Pathé, Paramount & Universal 1919

The photos on this page are from the life of Arthur C. Pillsbury reflecting his many inventions, his research into biology, botany, and science which combined for him in film making and lecturing on the insights gleaned from his inventions and studies of the world around us.  

Other of his passions for extending the understanding of people for the natural processes which comprise the world of nature and the existance of humanity and all loving things.  

According to the book, Wooden Wings Over The Golden Gate by Allen Herr, Arthur Pillsbury was building a biplane with a shooting platform for his filming in 1911 when he was forced to drop the project and become a father to his brother's three young children, who had been tragically orphaned in an automobile accident.  Both their parents were killed and a corrupt corporation. Title Insurance, orchestrated the theft of the large estate.  

But what mattered to AC Pillsbury was the kids, Ernest, Jr., Grace, and his name-sake, little Arthur.