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The Adventures of Arthur C. Pillsbury

         When I was growing up Dad made a practice of telling me about his father, Arthur C. Pillsbury.  I realized in some vague way that Dad's father was also his uncle because Dad called him 'Uncle'.  These stories were never told when my mother was around because I later realized, she had early found my own adventurousness disturbing to the tenor she thought appropriate.  So you understand what I mean, when I was about 18 months old I started climbing the house.  It was just one story in height, understand.  If Mom caught me up there, and mostly she did not, she would instantly call Dad and he would have to come home from the UCLA to fetch me off the roof. 
                I did not understand why this upset her. 
                The stories Dad told about 'Uncle' always delighted me.  But I was a born skeptic and thought they were Tall Tales.  It was only when I started researching Grandfather that I realized Dad had understated the case and not told me the best of these.   
                For most of these, I can send you to independent sources.  For one, you have to settle for Grandfather's Partial Autobigraphy.

Falling from the Glacier in Alaska

The Runaway Balloon

Saga of a