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Alternatives Conference
The National Park System
  What has Worked, what has Not - Finding  Real Solutions

          The cost of  adopting changes which have not been proven to work is at the core of the problems we face today as a species.  Adopting changes in human practices from the blandishments of ideologies, intended to persuade us emotionally are one of the causes of these problems because we forget to ask for proof what is being proposed will work.  This is how the National Park Service came into existance .  It was sold by using images of natural wonders to build a base of support without any examination of how it would work to bring masses of people into wilderness areas.  
      This was typical of that period of our history.  The heady use of propaganda, as demonstrated by Edward Bernays, was tranforming us in ways we would not, if we had considered them logically, have accepted. 
         No attempt was made to identify systems and procedures which had worked and apply them.  The rhetoric used to sell the concept was naive, but emotionally powerful, the power coming from the parallel showing of films by Arthur C. Pillsbury.  
      Ironically, Pillsbury's work focused on providing a technical understanding of nature as entertainment, comprehensible to everyone.  You can learn more about Pillsbury's work and history at the Foundation's parallel site.  
           The idea for a conference allowing people from around the world to build on the erlier work of others originated from the work of Arthur C. Pillsbury.  We call this 'Open Source'.  He called it "Knowledge Commons".  

The preliminary outline for the Alternatives Conference is below.   Sign up to suggest organizations and people who should receive invitations, to join in the effort, and to donate.  


              The National Park System, was founded by act of Congress in 1916.  The new agency was intended to take people into the natural world, so they could understand and learn about the underlying natural systems in an immediate and impactive way which would awaken understanding and respect.  The Federal government was to act as trustee for the lands placed in his care. 

        The purpose of Alternatives Conference is to examine both failures and successes in these goals from the viewpoint of speakers drawn from every area of specialization and interest.  The Conference will begin at a physical location, we have tentatively chosen Las Vegas, using Interactive Television supplied by originator of the concept, Brock d’Avignon.  BIO

           Interactive TV allows a mass audience to participate in all presentations and dialogs, expressing their opinions and making suggestions. It further enables cooperative efforts for proving concepts.  This allows everyone to be heard, participate, and act.  Listeners will engage through PhoneVoting from all available types of interfaces, including the Internet.  Each topic at issue will allow the listener two phonevotes: one, Moral – Agree/Disagree; and any force of law proposal, Agree/Disagree; with the opportunity to offer further solutions and comments and continue a dialog with others who want to take action.

            Dialog creates agreement for action, but talking does not, itself, solve problems.  Action is required. 
         In this way, a broad consensus for action, honoring the right of each of us to be heard, understood, and participate in the process, can occur.  Additionally, built into the process is local action, providing more proven models and approaches, for each original problem.  All of us learn best by doing.  

        The National Park Service has been in existence for over a century and elicited a range of praise and complaints.  Together, we will probe the history of the National Park Service in depth as a step in this larger process.   

     Future alternative models including options for private property in Trust for Genomic Preservancies, Nature Preservancies with Tourism and, Conservancies of natural resources for grazing, renewables, and extractive industries. 
       All Economic Models will be transparently evaluated, in theory and practice using Interactive Technologies.   Outcomes will be introduced and discussion opened for evaluation and the process will continue on the resulting TV programs, which have taken up issues or are launching their own projects.

            Environmentally, Culturally, Ethically, Economically, ideas forming and now in place can be assessed, modified and adopted for further projects.  Examples of these include well-known and successful projects, such as the $1B raised and spent on real estate purchased by Nature Conservancy, Incorporated, where genomic one-of-a-kind life forms are preserved with Keep Off signs and guards; to the South Fork of the American River Preservancy with some tourist access.  

            The Alternatives Conference will also take up problems of threats of which few are yet aware. 
Today, we face growing problems with human interaction and the human impact on the natural ecological infrastructure of the Earth.  These include non-human aspects of risk which need to be acknowledged and addressed.  One of the most troubling of these is the threat of mass extinction events from asteroids.  The solutions to this problem will be part of our agenda for the Alternatives Conference as:  Earth’s Path, Solar Path, and the need for financing Asteroid Detection, Deflection, and Development.    

More Issues: 
             Examining the Monopoly Model for property and for concessions controlled by the National Park
             Human Interface with Natural Preserves
             Transition to sustainable  human infrastructure for water, air, infrastructure, food production,
            habitation, remediation, and interaction, recreation and appreciation of Nature.

For each of these the agenda will be: Asking question, examining the evidence, dialog and proposed solutions. 

Our initial line up of speakers includes:


              The History:

                   John Perlin – A Forest Journey (Invited)
                    Melinda Pillsbury-Foster – The Origins of the National Park Service (Confirmed)
          Speakers from all of the original concessions in Yosemite are being located and invited to speak, as will current ones. 

       The Problems:

the National Park Service” published Jun 1, 2017
              Andrea Lankford - “Ranger Confidential: Living, Working, And Dying In The National Parks”,  published Apr 2, 2010
        The Solutions:

                Congressman Paul Cook – Proposal, in Committee, to sell Federal Western lands to Preservancies,
       Conservancies, Not-for-profit Trusts, Indigenous Peoples, individuals, companies, state
       governments, and then corporations, and leases, in this order.    
               Carl Pope – The Road to Preserverancy (Invited)
               David Lincoln – The Road to Remediation – Pulling us back from disaster (Confirmed)
               John Trammell – The Wilderness Conservancy Model (Invited)
              Vern Terrell -  Restoring the Grasslands (Invited)
              Brock d’Avignon – Preservancies and a Conservancy for the Whole of Earth (Confirmed)

Invitations are now going out to organizations and speakers for existing groups, including the United Nations International Conference on the Law of the Seas, the Sierra Club, the World Wild Life Fund, Bill Holden’s Elephant Preserve, and more.   See our present list above and add any you think should be included.  Programs will include speakers for debates.