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Tracing the History of
AEtheline Banfield,Seneca Arthur Deuel & Arthur Banfield Deuel

        When the dates, events, and behavior of individuals fail to make sense you begin digging.  Maps and newspaper mentions of the individuals are helpful and, as you see, I have used these copiously.  Additionally, it is essential to keep in mind the stories told directly to us about the relationships and facts regarding those they knew well.  People can exaggerate, lie, and attempt to cover up facts but patterns emerge which are instructive no matter what an individuals does to extinguish these from the record.  
        For these pruposes, I have included the family of AEtheline Banfield Deuel Pillsbury and the young man presented as her son from her first marriage, Arthur Banfield Deuel, Dr. Seneca Arthur Deuel, AEtheline's deceased husband, all records which could be found on each of them, including documented locations, addresses when possible, their activities, and other facts.  
          Sources include newspaper archives, available writings, and the recollections of family members who knew AEtheline, Arthur B. Deuel and her brothers, all of whom appear to have worked for Arthur C. Pillsbury starting soon after AC married AEtheline in 1906.