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Tracing the History of
AEtheline Banfield, Seneca Arthur Deuel & Arthur Banfield Deuel

        When the dates, events, and behavior of individuals fail to make sense you begin digging.  Maps and newspaper mentions of the individuals are helpful and, as you see, I have used these to see patterns in behavior.  People can exaggerate, lie, and attempt to cover up facts but patterns emerge which are instructive no matter what an individuals does to extinguish these from the record.  
        For these purposes, I have included the family of AEtheline Banfield Deuel Pillsbury and the young man presented as her son from her first marriage, Arthur Banfield Deuel, Dr. Seneca Arthur Deuel, AEtheline's deceased husband, all records which could be found on each of them, including documented locations, addresses when possible, their activities, and other facts.  
          Sources include newspaper archives, available writings, and the recollections of family members who knew AEtheline, Arthur B. Deuel and her brothers, all of whom appear to have worked for Arthur C. Pillsbury starting soon after AC married AEtheline in 1906.  
Seneca Arthur Deuel - Sarah (Aetheline) Banfield
Arthur Banfield Deuel

1851 - February - Born: Seneca Arthur Deuel Born: Iowa, USA

1868 – Seneca Arthur Deuel graduates from Sacramento High School

1871 – October 6 – The Philadelphia Inquirer – S A Deuel, Cal is listed as staying at The Continental. 

1872 - S. A. Deuel graduates from the Long Island College of Medicine, Brooklyn, NY

             General Alumni Catalogue: Medical alumni, 1833-1907  - By New York University records Seneca Arthur Deuel M. D. '72 LI
            Coll. Hosp., (Benicia, Cal.)

1872 - August 2 - Aetheline BANFIELD Born:  Topeka, Kansas 

1874 – August 29 – The Placer Herald – Left for the East – “Dr. S. A. Deuel, formerly of Grass Valley, will attend to Dr. Du Bois practice during his absence.”  ( See clipping)

1875 – August 12 – The Placer Herald – August 3 – "The following bills were allowed out of County General Fund: Dr. S. A. Deuel…..60.00" 

1875 – November 6 – The Placer Herald – Advertisement – “Dr. S. A. Deuel, Surgeon and Physician, Office and Residence the same as Dr. du Bois, Auburn, Late of Grass Valley, and Formerly Surgeon Long Island College Hospital, Brooklyn, NY"

1876 – August 12 – The Placer Herald – Advertisement I “Dr. S. A. Deuel, Surgeon and Physician, Empire Hotel, Auburn, formerly of Grass Valley, Formerly Surgeon Long Island College Hospital, Brooklyn, NY"

1877 – March 24 - The Placer Herald – Advertisement - “Dr. S. A. Deuel, Surgeon and Physician, Empire Hotel, Auburn, formerly of Grass Valley, Formerly Surgeon Long Island College Hospital, Brooklyn, NY"

1878 – April 6 – The Placer Herald – Suicide – “A post-mortem examination was also held by Dr. S. A. Deuel when it was found that the powder taken by the deceased was morphine.  It was learned that Harwood had been drinking pretty heavily.”

1880 – May 22 – The Record-Union – Announcement – "Owosso Tribe, Imp. O. of R. M. Members of the Tribe are requested to meet at the WigWam TO-MORROW (Sunday) EVENING May 23, at 8 o’clock, to pay a fraternal visit to the Red Cloud Tribe.  By Order S. A. DEUEL, Sachem   P. J. Spacher C. of R."

1881 – July 6 – The Record-Union – “Dr. S. A. Deuel, formerly of this city, spent the Fourth in town.  He leaves to-day as medical officer of the steamer, Gaelic, of the Occidental and Oriental steamship line.”

1885 – February 21 – The Record-Union – “Dr. S. A. Deuel who has been playing Cincinnatus in Placer County for the past six weeks got back yesterday.”

1886 – January 12 – The Record-Union – “Grand Exhibition of Semi-Tropical Fruit – “S. A. –Deuel, Twelfth and H – Baskets of oranges and lemons.”

1887 – October 15 – The Placer Herald – Gold Hill Haps – “Friday evening a party was held at Mrs. Drummond’s.  The guests enjoyed themselves with dancing, cards, and most especially, eating of the viands spread for the midnight lunch.  Music was furnished by Mr. La Bar and Frank Keith.  The following were present:  Mr. Jordan, Mr. T. Sanders, Lawrence Holmes, Miss Whitfield, Mr. and Mrs. Barker, Mr. Banfield, Miss Turrell, Jas. Allen. Miss Lottie Sanders, Mr. and Mrs. Cartwright, Ernest Belmore, Miss Eva Keith, Mr. and Mrs. Holley, Mr. Getty, Miss Holmes, Mr. Sanders, Mrs. Hawken, Clarence Newcombe, Miss Turrell, Leon Barker, Jesse Owens, J. W. Jones, Miss Lillie Allen, Mr. Turrell, Mrs. Fowler, Avery Keith, Miss Hawken, Eddie Newcombe, Bertie Owens, Mr. and Mrs. Drummond, Fred Solis, Eddie Hardesty, Mr. O’Brien, Mr. Whitefield.
   A Congregationalist Church was organized last Sunday with seven members, with Rev. Mr. Banfield as pastor.” 

1889 – September 22 – The Record-Union – “Dr. S. A. Deuel was down yesterday Penryn yesterday.”

1890 – December 9 – San Francisco Chronicle – Dr. S. A. Deuel, Placer Co., Staying at the Grand Hotel, San Francisco

1890 – December 14 - The Record-Union – “Dr. S. A. Deuel who has spent several years in Placer County, intends to return to Sacramento in about two months to reside.”

1891 – October 13 – The Record-Union (Sacramento) – “The wedding of Dr. S. A. Deuel of Newcastle, Placer County, and Miss S. Aetheline Banfield of Lincoln, took place in the latter town yesterday, Rev. J. Clarke Robbins officiating.  The groom was reared in this city, where he has a large circle of friends.”   (See clipping)

1892 – July 16 – Arthur Banfield Deuel is born to Mrs. Sarah A. Banfield Deuel

1894 – April 18 – The Record-Union – “Dr. S. A. Deuel is down from his Placer County home for a short stay.”

1894 – April 21 – The Placer Herald – Penryn – "Dr. Mrs. S. A. Deuel, nee Miss Sadie Banfield, and son have returned to Benicia after a short visit with relatives here.”

1894 – May 1 – The Record-Union – Social and Personal – “Dr. S. A. Deuel was down from Newcastle yesterday.”

1895 – June 24 - At the death of his father, Seneca James Deuel, Seneca Arthur Deuel is noted at practicing as a physician in Benicia, California (see clipping) Died at his home on Saturday evening. 

Address for S. J. is noted as 1104 G. Street, Sacramento

1898 – June 12 – The Record-Union – The Long List of Those Who Have Graduated From the School in the Past - Sacramento High School (Class of ’68) 8 graduates, one of them S. Arthur Deuel.  (see clipping)

1899 – July 15 – San Francisco Examiner – AROUND THE LOBBIES – “Dr. S. A. Deuel of Benicia and John C. Dornin of Tacoma, a prominent insurance broker of the Northwest, are registered at the Occidental.”

1900 – June 30 – S. A. Deuel died in Benicia, California, age 49.  (see clipping) Previously from Penyrn

1906 – February 18 – San Francisco Examiner – SKATING RINK BRUTE TRIPS LAD AND BREAKS ARM, “Little thirteen-year old Arthur Deuel lies in his home 1442 Hyde Street groaning with pain…..”  ( see clipping)

1909 – May 29 – Oakland Tribune – Trophy Offered By The Tribune Is One Of a Number of Handsome Prizes for Which Youngsters Contest – Arthur Deuel is listed as a sub-timer.  ( see clipping)  

1909 – June 25 - San Francisco Examiner - WATCHES AND CAMERAS GIVEN TO THE 64 BAY AREA WINNERS, “The distribution yesterday formed part of the farewell given by “The Examiner” to the Eastern Team of the round the World Racers.”  ( see clipping) Arthur Deuel is listed as being awarded an Eastman Kodak, Premo machine of the 5 by 7 inch size.

1912 – January 23 – Oakland Tribune – PARK RINK – “Never in the history of the many novelties of which have taken place at the Idora Park skating rink has anything created such a keen interest as that which is being shown in the Progressive Club skating contest.”  ( article goes on, see clipping) “Among those who are already wearing the handsome club badges which are indicative of candidacy are:  (Listed first are, presumably the couple, Miss May Stillman, Arthur Deuel.   

1914 – October 5 – Banfield Family Bible: Arthur Banfield Deuel dies accidently in an accident in Fellows, Texas in the oil fields when a load of pipes fell on him.

1914 – October 10 – The Placer Herald – Death of A. Deul – “Arthur Deul, of Berkeley, the twenty-one year old son of Mrs. Arthur C. Pillsbury, who was Ethaline Banfield of Penryn, was fatally injured in an automobile accident in Bakersfield Tuesday of this week.   He died a few hours later just before Mr. and Mrs. Pillsbury reached there.
   The funeral was held Thursday afternoon, from the home of his mother at 6440 Benvenue Avenue, Berkeley.  Arthur Pillsbury’s brother, Ernest and wife, were killed in an automobile accident two years ago.  The Pillsburys formerly resided in Auburn.”  (See clipping) 
1948 – April 12 – Oakland Tribune – “Services will be held tomorrow for Mrs. Aetheline D. Pillsbury, life long resident of Berkeley and widow of Arthur C. Pillsbury, noted scientific photographer and lecturer"  (See clipping)

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