Arthur C. Pillsbury Foundation

Protecting and Preserving All Life -- By Extending Human Vision

Camera Craft
A Photographic Monthly

Vol. IIV      San Francisco, California   June  1903           No. 2

An All-Round Newspaper Camera

by Arthur C. Pillsbury

Another photo of President Teddy Roosevelt by Pillsbury, now chief of the photography department for  the San Francisco Examiner.  The camera used was built by Pillsbury specifically for use with his media clients.   The two photos which are horizontal are reproduced separately,, as well as in order, see below, so you can see them better. 
        It is likely that Pillsbury was already working for Hearst when TR arrived.  This would not have prevented Pillsbury from accepting other work, for instance for Underwood and Underwood as he followed TR on his journey through California to the many stops he made. 
        TR travelled by Rail Road to Raymond, CA, arriving there on May 15th, 1903.  He left on May 18th.  His rail car had two private bedrooms and bathrooms, and a diningroom.  TR was the child of great wealth.  Visit the Roosevelt Site and read the speeches TR gave as he experienced California in 1903.

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