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The Curry Family

The story of the Curry Family and what they built, still a beloved memory, for people around the world.  The family continued to build.  Their story past Yosemite is also compelling and needs to be told.  
No place to stay in Yosemite will ever approach the hospitality and fun visitors experienced from 1899 - 1999.  The Curry Family made it their business, literally for generations.  
Here, we provide history and insights into the people who made caring for Yosemite Visitors their business and also extending that history so you can know and appreciate them even more.  

Thanks to these generations Currys for their generous help and assistance in keeping the heritage of Camp Curry alive!

Jeannie Ette Foster (Mother)  Curry

David Curry
The Stentor!


Publicizing Camp Curry


Article about David Curry, mention of Arthur C. Pillsbury and his college bike shop.


Seeing Yosemite with David A. Curry 
(1916) Film Credit

John Curry
Letters with Currys

The Story of Foster Curry

The Family Line

David Alexander Curry & Jennie Foster Curry
David Alexander Curry, born February 15, 1860 at Bloomington, Indiana

Married on April 6, 1886

Jennie Etta Foster, born October 12, 1861, Rushville, Rush County, Indiana

Their Children
born May 9, 1988, Died November 21,1932

Married 1st - May 27, 1912
Mary Cherry of Sonoma

Children of Foster David Curry & Mary Cherry 

Katherine Cherry Curry
Married June 17, 1933
William M. Randle, Los Angeles

Married 2nd - June 11, 1925
Ruth Woolsey of Los Angeles  

Children of Foster David Curry & Ruth Woolsey Higgins

David Andrew Curry
John Curry
Jeanette Ruth Curry

Born November 29, 1893, Died October 29, 1970, Ahwahnee, Yosemite

Donald Tresidder June 18, 1920
Tresidder died January 28, 1948 
     No Children of Union

Marjorie Lucille Curry
born April 11, 1895, died July 10, 1975 in Honolulu, Honolulu County, Hawaii
Robert Tatman Williams Sr, born September 24, 1895,
died, November 6, 1987

Majorie and Robert's Children

              Robert Tatman Williams Jr.
born October 31, 1918,died March 25, 1994

 February 27, 1943, Yosemite to:

   Roberta Kincaid Williams
 born March 2, 1916, died July 6, 1987

 Marjorie Williams Woods
 born December 15, 1920, died October 6, 1987


            Mark Williams Wood, Admiral
 born April 18, 1918, died September 26, 1999