Arthur C. Pillsbury Foundation

Protecting and Preserving All Life -- By Extending Human Vision

We can solve the problems - with your help.

The Arthur C. Pillsbury Foundation is a 501(c) 3 incorporated in Kansas. 
EIN Number -  81-1755551

Freedom Interactive TV Networks is a 501(c) 3 incorporated in Kansas, the EIN number will be up next week. 
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The issues here are not political. The goal underlying every aspect of the Alernatives Conference  is solutions to the problems humanity is facing today.  But we need solutions which are proven to work.  Yes, there have been problems with the National Park Service, but the NPS is not the only problem.  The need for consensus between us and localized solutions dwarfs those issues.   

Once, we thought O. J. Simpson was the perfect father and husband.  Today, we have watched him confess to murder. All of us need a means for sorting facts from media spin and false reputations.  

Accomplishing this requires an approach which is proven.  Interactive TV is the solution.  Freedom Interactive TV Networks for Education will provide this.  

Everyone can participate, ask questions, make suggestions, and let others know what they think  Then, smaller groups can come together and take action on their local solution. Particpation can be through interactive television, in person, or through your smart phone or device.    

Focusing on what went wrong with one problem serves us because it helps everyone understand and move foreward,  finding solutions which work.