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Ella Wing 

Ella accepted A. C.'s proposal and the two were married on November 4, 1896.  The marriage was brief.  Ella told her bewildered husband she did not want to risk being married because she had been adopted and thought this could make her unsuitable as a mother.  

Ella was the adopted daughter of Professor Wing, who was AC's senior advisor.  

Ella took a brief trip and coming back, started classes in nursing at Cooper's Medical College.  She completed her courses and went to work there.  The college became Stanford Medical Center.  She worked there all of her life and never married.  

A. C. never got over losing her.  He had headed to the Yukon, closing his two 
businesses and selling his stock.  This was when he sold the negatives of the first Stanford Rush, wich ended up at the Stanford Library.  Various members of the family tried to make contct with Ella while she was still living, but she refused to have any contact.  But we did confirm she was still living, unmarried, and working as a nurse.  

AC might have met Ella in several ways.  She could have been interested in the work Dr. Harriet, AC's mother was engaged with.  The family was running a hospital in Palo Alto.  Or the two could have been introduced by Professor Wing.