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Finding the Pillsbury Films

Arthur C. Pillsbury was an early and prolific film-maker whose work was licensed to foreign distributors by 1919.  He continues to make films for most of his adult life.  The films disappeared, supposedly destroyed in the fire which destroyed the Pillsbury Studio in Yosemite in 1927.  

But copies of these films exist.  As we find them they appear  here.  

This time lapse footage from the Missouri Botanical Garden archive was recorded in 1927 by famed photographer A.C. Pillsbury. It shows the blooming process for several types of flowers including a tiger lily, sacred lotus, and cotton.

As they are found and restored films will appear here or lead you to their links.  

Yosemite Rangers Club - 1920
Arthur C. Pillsbury was the Official Photographer
for the National Park Service and so made all their
films until the end of 1927 when Mather had Ansel
Adams burn the Pillsbury Studio. 

Arthur C. Pillsbury applied his knowledge of botany in another direction and included ProfessorWilliam Frederick Gericke in the work.  This was doubtless required by the University of Berkeley.  Gericke's ouvre of work required filming which would not have taken place without Pillsbury, whose other work shows he was at least an equal partner in the work.