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Horace Marden Albright
Transcript Oral History /1986
Mining lawyer and executive :  U. S. Potash Company, U. S. Borax, 1933-1962
January 6, 1890 – March 28, 1987

     Horace Albright made no secret of his background, nor did he need to.  His was born of hard-working parents who faces poverty with dignity and were known as good people in the community of Bishop where they lived, worked and raised their family.  The first Chapter of Creating the National Parks - The Missing Years, "Boyhood Days in the Owens Valley, 1890-1908," is about Albright's family and their history.  Albright expressed gratitude for what his parents had done for him.
     However, Albright was ambitious.  He asked for an appointment to West Point from their Albright's Congressman,  Sylveseter
Clark Smith of Bakersfield.  But Bishop High School was not accredited and this posed a problem, Horace said .  Horace finished two years of school in Bishop.  But Bishop High School was not accredited. Therefore, his mother decided he should finish high school in Stockton, living with a friend of hers from Aurora.  The appointment as a first alternate came through in April 1907.  But there was still an examination to be taken.  Albright qualified, except for a Conditional in Geometry but no alternate was needed.  Therefore, Albright instead started college at the University of California at Berkeley, working to pay both his board and expenses.  

Albright never went home again except to visit.  Instead, he found that college was not nearly as difficult as being back in Bishop.  He found a calling in law, studied Mining Law, and immediately after graduating in 1912 was asked to become confidential clerk to Adolph Miller, one of his professors who had been asked by Franklin K. Lane, newly appointed by President Woodrow Wilson, as Secretary of the Interior to accompany Lane to Washington.  Albright accepted Professor Miller's offer.  

Miller advanced Albright his fare and provided an old suit of formal attire, and the attentions of his tailor for a fitting. 

In Washington, Albright attended Georgetown Law and made multiple contacts which will prove to pave his way into the elite.  Professor Miller is retasked to take over launching the Federal Reserve and as his confidential assistant, this nacient agency also comes to Albright's attention.  Overall, Albright's recitation of his time continue to sound naive and reflect no understanding of the shift America is undergoing under Wilson.  But he had studied the law of mining under Professor William Colby, who specialized in this field.  Any monetary system which is private, which was the case with the Federal Reserve, would be highly motivated to find the means to control the use of resources accessible only by extraction.  In each biography the clear conflict of this cross-over between environmentalism and the extractive industries has been excised.  

Then, in 1914 he meets the man who will direct and order the rest of his life, Stephen Tyng Mather.  Mather would carry out the plan bringing corporate extractive interests together with the Federal Reserve System, both private but using government to extract profits from ordinary Americans.  

At the very end of his life he writes a book, part confession, part justification, for his actions.   but it was only part of the story.  The full confession would remain unrecorded by Albright.  

"Creating the National Parks - The Missing Years."

Albright's Motive was love for a man with no scruples, Stephen T. Mather, psychopath.

Albright's motives show the impact of his emotions.    

He loved his wife, Grace Noble Albright, without limit.  Understanding  Horace's

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Stephen T. Mather

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