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The Inquiry Arising From
the Norsigian Negatives

                Events do not generally take place randomly.  If you step back you can see the logic which connects events and for our Inquiry that is exactly what we did, as you will see.  ​​
                    Rick Norsigian purchased a box of old glass negatives and other photographic paraphernalia.  Rick actually paid $45.00 for the entire box, according to the woman who sold it to him, Lesa Schwartz.
                       He puzzled over who might have taken the images and then lit on Ansel Adams as a strong possibility, despite what I had told him when he and I met in 2002.  Norsigian was coming into the middle of a longer story, which he ignored, focusing on the potential for profit if this box of old materials could have been produced by a famous man whose work was highly valued and praised.  ​
                           Below is the 2010 statement I made during the Norsigian conflict.​​​
                   The next letter is one written by Ansel Adams October 23, 1978, in response to a letter received from Rell G. Francis.  1978 is a pivotal time in this story.  The Rell letter leads to another crack in continuing disinformation campaign still going on and, in this instance, run by Ansel and Virginia Adams. The next letter below was written in 2008 and offers an opportunity to the Adams family to come clean.  They ignored the letter entirely.   The Norsigian conflict was yet to erupt, though I had over the years managed, single-handed, to find much more proof of what had taken place with the help of others, especially, Charlotte Kielyka, who handled photographic forensics for the Arthur C. Pillsbury Foundation, beginning at that time.  

2010 Statement

Letter to Adams'

Ansel Adams Letter

The Harrison Conspiracy

The Norsigian Conflict

Articles & Time Lines for the Norsigian Negatives                
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Bridal Veil Falls
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Discovering Pillsbury Images as Lantern Slides

Jeffrey Pine

Madden Library

Vernal Falls

Bridal 'Vail' Falls

Boom, Boom, Boom

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Ansel Adams &
A. C. Pillsbury - Discovered Insights 

Analysis:  El Capitan Continuum

Ted Orland

Correcting the Record - How a Disinformation Campaign Functions

The research for this site and comparisons with earlier periods of American history show strong parallels in how disinformation campaigns are carried out.  The NPS Campaign to eliminate Arthur C. Pillsbury from history and his connection with Yosemite did not end and my research continues.  It did not dawn on me I was in parallel having to cope with another such campaign until several of my friends asked me if this was the case.  
        NeoCons is slated to be one of our Interactive mass-audience TV shows as we ramp up our networks through Freedom Interactive TV Networks Association.
      It has been my experience that most people, good and bad, continue to use the same strategies over time.  This was true of us as a species from the time we were hominids and it is true today.  Learning to repeat success equates with survival.  However, when the 'success' is carried out with the limited view internal to a psychopathic individual this can cause devastation.  
      The National Park Service is a quasi-military organization that is way behind the curve on issues having to do with the environment.  It is organized for very different purposes which are at cross-purposes, one of these being to make money for the organization and the second to provide services for the associates of the elites who created it, Stephen Mather and Horace Albright chief among these.  
        These are issues we will be taking up through our Alternatives Conference, which will run beside the Yosemite Conspiracy Mini-series now being planned.  Follow this action by signing up for our newsletter, IMAGE, and donating.