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The Madden Photographs
    Not taken by Harry Pidgeon, the photos are part of the long term plan to eliminate Arthur C. Pillsbury from Yosemite.  So far, we have seen how Mather pressured David Curry to his death, the ultimate outcome of Mather's attempt to steal the years of equity built by the Curry Family in their affordable camping operation.  Then, Don Tresidder married Mary Curry, likely at the enticement of Stephen Mather after the death of Mary's father, David Curry.  The marriage placed Tresidder in the position of taking over control of the Curry Co. Thus, Don Tresidder was in position to force Foster Curry out of Yosemite. This took place simultaneously with the lies told by Washington B. Lewis, Superintendent, who lied, accusing Foster of drunken behavior. 

    Our last three are possibilities, individuals with a history relating to events.  

  ​The “Person of Interest” in the shadows (H) is ... (possibly) ... Gifford Pinchot  

No 24

No 24

  (H) enhanced                                                 Gifford Pinchot    

  “Person of Interest” (I) is (possibly) either Charles R. Trowbridge, Rocky Mt. Nat. Park Acting Supervisor  – 1915 ...  

No 25

No 26

  Person of Interest (I                                                             #25/26  Charles R. Trowbridge w/Mather & Albright at 1915                                                     Dedication Day for Rocky Mt. Nat. Park ...    

No 28

No 27

  ...Or maybe #27(I) is the same man to the right of A.C. Pillsbury in        (Possibly Julius Boysen?) wearing a bow tie.  

The final “Person of Interest” photographed within the “womb” of the Grover Cleveland Tree is the unidentified Bagpiper ..... who appears in quite a number of other photos from the same Henry Madden Library.

No 31

No 29

No 30

The Scotsman was an impersonator of Sir Harry Lauder, a famous singer from the UK who had toured America multiple times, entertaining, amusing and delighting audiences across the States.  The real Sir Harry looks nothing like Jack Scott, which may not be his real name, who was contracted to provide entertainment during the opening of the Ahwahnee.  Just like the real Sir Harry, Jack had other places to be.  

Jack Scott
Professional Impersonator

Sir Harry Lauder
Celebrity Impersonated

From the Sir Harry Lauder Website - "In the early part of the last century, Sir Harry Lauder was the most highly paid and popular entertainer in the English speaking world. Born in Portobello, Scotland on August 4th 1870, he worked first as a miner and started singing in local song contests, the winning of which, helped spur his career.  He wrote most of his own songs, performed them on stage and also had a successful recording career that lasted over three decades. "
Jack Scott, professional inpersonator of Sir Harry Lauder, was mentioned in the Santa Cruz Evening News, 15 Aug 1927, Mon, Page 8.  The article reads, "The third (act) was Jack Scott, who impersonated Sir Harry Lauder in a true to life manner that delighted the audience."   
This answers the question of who the Kilted One was and when he was in Yosemite.  It appears likely his appearance at the Opening of the Ahwahnee was just before the appearance in Santa Cruz  in Seabright Hall.  

Jack Scott might might have been an assumed name to make the performance more credible. 

Sir Harry Lauder was mourning his wife, Lady Lauder, who died on 31 July 1927, at 54, a week after an operation.

She was buried next to John's memorial in the Lauder cemetery alongside her parents. Lauder's niece, Margaret (1900–1966), became his secretary and cared for him up until his death.