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Pillsbury's Pictures Company in New Village
Questions, Answers & Understanding

        Below you see a photo of the Pillsbury's Pictures Studio in New Village in or just before 1927.  Next to it, you see an image of the positioning of the buildings immediately adjacent to each other in 1927, Pillsbury's, the Best Studio (now Ansel Adams Gallery), the Boysen Studio is tucked back between Best and the Yosemite Post Office building.  
               The Best Studio was about 100 steps away from Pillsbury's Studio and Auditorium.  
           It takes less than three minutes to walk between the location of Pillsbury and Best Studios.  I noted this after Dad called to relate to me a secret he had kept to a trusted childhood friend, Virginia Best, soon after her marriage to Ansel Adams.  
            Look over the representation of the Pillsbury Studio and find out more about it HERE

            Ansel Adams first met Arthur C. Pillsbury on his first trip to Yosemite.  He went into the Studio to have his first roll of film developed.  I learned about this from his autobiography.  The story is HERE in the autobiography.  The stories I heard from Dad about Ansel went to his clumsiness.  Grandfather let Ansel take his workshops, gratis, because he felt sorry for him.  But Ansel kept tripping over the mass-production postcard machine that Dad operated in the back of the Pillsbury Studio in Old Village.  
            Grandfather spent the winters on lecture tours across the country, using his films to excite listeners on the similarites between all kinds of life.  Arthur C. Pillsbury was a preservationist, a real one.  Most people talk about what needs to be done.  Grandfather just did it himself.  His photos, turned into postcards, d'orotones, used to illustrate books, matted to hang on the wall, and to illustrate brochures; to be tinted so people could find the flower in a meadow and learn more about it; and more, were ways to awaken people to the need to wake up to the living world around them.  Was his work 'Art?'  Yes, it was art put to work for nature. 
              This story could start with any of the stories you will read on this site.  It can start here, if you like.
      Understanding the logic behind lies requires examining the existing information from all sources so you can get to the reality.  Underneath lies there are always attempts to obfescate the facts using unsupported assertions, the removal of evidence, and distraction.  As my research began I learned to question everything no matter who told me. 
      For normal life I believe people conditionally.  Generally, time tells you if a person is being untruthful.  
     I questioned statements made by every principal still living, including my father, my mother, my aunt, and other relatives.  I applied the same standard to the people I did not know well, the descendants of the principals involved, their acquaintances, and people who were long dead.  My reasons for this approach did not start with this one about my Grandfather, Arthur C. Pillsbury. I was in my thirties when Dad asked me to write a book about Grandfather.  As the family genealogist I was happy to do so.  Dad did not tell me the most important facts until about five months before he died.  That conversation was unforgetable.  You can read about it DAD CALLED
      I ratified every statement made by each individual.  Those who were dead, I researched, too.