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Matthew Adams, grandson of Ansel Adams

AYP| Exclusive: Ansel Adams Controversy - Interview With His Grandson

See more at I met with Matthew Adams, Ansel's grandson, he is skeptical that they are the real deal and told me several reasons why this claim is fishy.


The Motives and Methods Carried Out by Liars

It appears that all members of the Adams family knew about the arson which allowed each of them to profit from the actions undertaken by Ansel, Virginia, and Virginia's father, Harry Best.  We must assume all three of them were involved because each benefited economically from the action.  Because it was reported to Melinda by Fred Smart, who heard this from an Adams assistant who reported 'everyone who worked for Ansel Adams knew'.   Because the Adams family continued their attempts through such hired flunkies as Stephen Douglas Harrison, after the death of Ansel and Virginia they had to be operating in the same way, as an extension of the cover-up.  

Therefore, both Anne Adams Helms, the daughter of Ansel and Virginia and Dr. Michael Adams, the son of Ansel and Virginia, were born into the conspiracy, as are their children.  All of these individuals, and many of their friends, also knew and worked to continue the cover-up.  It is sadly true that they managed to place one of Michael Adam's closest childhood friends in a position to cover-up what had taken place as a respected expert on photography.