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The History of the Miwok People

The Miwok people survived near annihilation along with other tribes in California.  The best book written on the time before for all California Natives is  Tailholt Tales  Published on February 1, 1976 by Frank F. Latta.  This is not to say the book specifically mentioned the Miwok, but it gives you an appreciation for the lives Natives of what would become California lead before the incursion of the Spanish began their abuses, followed by those of incoming Americans.  

Story told by Thomas Jefferson "Uncle Jeff" Mayfield about the Yokuts Indians and nineteenth century life in the southern San Joaquin Valley, specifically in the area known as Tailholt or White River in southern Tulare County, and on the Kings River, south of Fresno, California. Great ethnographic material.

The Miwok are still today comprised of tribes scattered around California.