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The total body of Pillsbury's work, for stills, was over 100,000

Arthur C. Pillsbury designed the first Circuit Panorama Camera as his Senior Project in Mechanical Engineerings in 1897.  The camera was capable of capturing 180 degrees of the view at an aspect ratio of up to 1:8.  You will notice the actual dimensions of the photo with each entry from the Library of Congress.  The largest appears to one-foot x eight feet.  These can be blown up to 20-feet in length.   The break lines were superimposed by the LOC.  The originals did not have these. 
Library of Congress links to Arthur C. Pillsbury, Pillsbury Pictures, Pillsbury Picture Co., Pillsbury & Cleveland (Alaska) and all last name Pillsbury references links for stray panoramas.

MOST ALL ARE PANORAMAS with his circuit panorama camera invention with an aspect ratio of up to 1:8 that would do 180-degrees in one take; these were not panoramas made up of several composite photos, any lines in them are from the LOC taking them in segments often from original copywrited negatives or prints to digitize them for online access. A large process camera could retake the photos analog seamlessly or a very large scanner/feed.

Pillsbury's numbering system(s) generally chronological to +100,000 photos are on the negatives/positives, while what is shown here are access links to the Library of Congress:

These are grouped by topic, yet all categories in the LOC are noted at the end of this list.

Some listings are within “panoramas” within LOC's Photographs & Prints category:
     (Note there are overlaps in content from one LOC grouping to another, but in each one are significant numbers of panoramas uniquely filed under that category; so check against a total list as in attempted here to get comprehensive in this Pillsbury panorama collection).

Then sort by topic and date.

ALL OF THESE ARE PANORAMAS EXCEPT WHERE A FEW ARE NOTED AS A PHOTO relevant to other panoramas taken by Arthur Pillsbury's Circuit Panorama Camera invention, and nearly always by Pillsbury himself.  
 Alaska Jan 1898-1899
Pillsbury in “Everything” search discovered these, likely panoramas, not in other lists: Alaska 1898-99 mostly panoramas or segments of panoramas with his 1897 invention of the circuit panorama camera he made at Leland Stanford Jr. University. See Arthur Pillsbury’s partial autobiography for his exciting adventures in arriving in Alaska with a shipwreck, rescuing his father with mechanical genius, then a 2,600-mile Yukon River run with a canoe darkroom useful in developing panoramas and photos of Inuits & prospectors in the Gold Rush.
Mostly panoramas within other Pillsbury names (Each page of 150 listings for 10 pages have extracted Pillsbury panoramas and a few photos, some articles citing his panoramas and showing them, and then large numbers of references in the photo-rich New York Herald and New York Journal & Advertiser 1896-1898 and then 1919. Pillsbury photos from Alaska, Hearst photo-wire (photo-facsimile pixel and analog). 

Pillsbury re-engineered to work 1903-1906 for both Underwood & Underwood for which he was a stringer, and William Randolph Hearst for whom he worked at the SF Examiner running its photographic dept, then using such technologies to make his photos of the San Francisco Earthquake & Fire transmitted worldwide. Some newspapers did double-truck across two pages of the pictures, besides the front page. References to the last name Pillsbury are scattered with those two papers in these listings.

See other searches in across the country for his appearances, lectures with films, and theatrical releases 1909-1927+ for Pathe, Universal, and Paramount distributors especially from 1919 onward and his backlog of 1 or 2 films per year from 1909 onward. No films seem to be in the LOC, the photographs, notable panoramas are attributed, Copywrite code, source, print or negative source, and who donated by occasionally. Additional search is required in motion picture areas but nothing yet.
Under Pillsbury Picture Co. 89 panoramas

Other Pillsbury panoramas not seemingly duplicated in the above collections :

Panoramas that include Pillsbury Picture Co.; as a search
San Francisco Earthquake & Fires panoramas by Arthur C. Pillsbury, and later ruins SF 1906  Fire from Merchants Building SF Fire Market & Turk Streets 1906 SF Fire burning April 18, 1906 from St. Francis Hotel The burning of Sf April 18, 1906 from the St Francis Hotel panorama of SF from St. Francis Hotel after fire 1906 Panorama of SF from Grant bldg. after Earthquake & Fire 1906 Panorama of Ruins of SF from St. Francis Hotel 1906 (2 files) Medium 1 photographic print : gelatin silver ; 9 x 71 in. SF Fire ruins from the Rialto Building 1906 SF Ruins from Hopkins Institute Ruins from nob hill after SF fire April 18, 1906 Camping in Jefferson Square 1906 SF panorama of SF from Ferry building 1906 panorama of SF from Ferry building 1906 Camping in Jefferson Square post SF Earthquake & Fire  Crossley Bldg SF fire 1906 photo   Burning of SF 1906 photo   close-in full height persons photo SF residents Saving Any Old Thing   SF 1906 Jefferson Square Camps after fire photo   panorama SF fire 1906, City Hall, Larkin St,   SF 1906 Nob Hill, Powell St. panorama  photo Food in Jefferson Square   panorama SF Bush & Market Sts, Mechanic's Fountain   panorama Ruins from Nob Hill   Giving clothing, Fort Point SF 1906   Market & Turk Streets, SF after fire  oil tanks burning Meggs Wharf SF (partial panorama vertical for composition, the sky is cropped)   Last stream of water on Marke t St. SF 1906    179 photos, some of Stanford and Palo Alto before and after SF Earthquake   probable Pillsbury matches that are verified by writing on the film or back  from negative, Burning of the SF Call Newspaper Bldg 1906 SF Earthquake & Fire   When SF fire was young   north from Mission & 4th St. SF devastation   Grand & Palace SF 1906

Pillsbury everything pg 3 see following on this sequence page of 150 Pillsbury named items,
                        extracting AC Pillsbury or Pillsbury Picture Co  SF bystanders or awaiting a dynamiting fire that contributed to more destruction   SF Earthquake & Fire 1906 Palace Hotel fire April 18, 1906  April 15, 1906 of Palace Hotel before it burns in Earthquake  

Categories of subjects of panoramas 4,318 Pillsbury included in several categories     -  others connected to the Pillsbury name are clearly labeled Pillsbury Picture Co and the scene in this panorama of the SF Earthquake and Fire and additional destruction of SF by crossfires 


LOC Photo, Print, Drawing, & from negatives so small as contact prints have to inquire or order, or be there, to see the printing on the digital contact print. These are labeled:

[Digital display record: This record exists solely to make the digital image available. You may be able to find information about the displayed item by looking at other online catalog records retrieved with the Reproduction Number below.
          If no such record is retrieved, information may be found in Prints & Photographs Division manual indexes.] See examples:

Examples of writing on a print of a film negative resembling that of Arthur Pillsbury, retrieved with the name Pillsbury connected with them. One has to order these from the LOC to get the writing legible or ask them or be there at the LOC to examine
Examples of other photographers creating a composite panorama of the SF Earthquake & Fire from numerous photos with slightly different perspectives; but are not a circuit panorama camera of Pillsbury's invention in one 1:8 aspect ratio shot   example of William Graham and  George R. Lawrence Company similar to Pillsbury's balloon POVs
for all panoramas including Arthur C. Pillsbury's, Pillsbury Picture Co. et al  Can request this item of over 4,000
Oakland Oakland Racetrack 1907 Burn’s handicap, Panorama of Oakland from the courthouse 1907

Santa Cruz Beach CA Plunge Casino 1908 Santa Cruz Beach CA 1908 view of the Plunge et al Beach Santa Cruz 1908
Monterey CA 1908 the old cypress tree Monterey Ca old Cypress Trees Cypress Point, Monterey CA Carmel-by-the-Sea beach, Mount Carmel in distance 1907
California Catholic Missions surviving from 1775-1824 in 1906 San Juan Capistrano mission after a painting by Chris Jorgenson Reflections Santa Barbara mission San Fernando Mission CA 1907 San Juan Capistrano Mission 1907
University of California, Berkeley Mme. Sarah Bernhardt in Phédre, Hearst Greek Theatre, May 17, '06, Act 1 Mme. Sarah Bernhardt in Phédre, Hearst Greek Theatre, May 17, '06, Act 3 Conferring the military degree, graduating exercises Berkeley CA 16 MAY 1906 Graduating exercises Berkeley CA 16 May 1906 Sixth Symphony Concert Greek Theatre Berkeley Fifth Symphony Concert Greek Theatre Berkeley May 15, 1906 UC Berkeley Buildings 1907
Lake Tahoe area panoramas Panorama of Mt. Tallac and Tahoe Tahoe Tavern from lake Cyclorama of Lake Tahoe Tahoe Tavern from Lake Tahoe 1906 Tahoe from Tahoe Tavern Lake Tahoe from Tahoe Point Lake Tahoe from Cave Rock 1906 Cyclorama of Tahoe from summit of Mt. Tallac 1906 Junipers on Mt. Tallac trail and panorama towards Desolation Valley panorama Desolation Valley from lower end 1906 panorama Desolation Valley from upper end 1906 Grass lake near Glen Alpine, Lake Tahoe area panorama of Lake Tahoe from Mt. Tallac (closer in) Panorama of Emerald Bay, Lake Tahoe 1906 Panorama of Emerald Bay, Lake Tahoe 1906 another view panorama of Glen Brook, Lake Tahoe 1906 Lake Tahoe from Cave Rock 1906 Susie Lake near Glen Alpine, near Lake Tahoe 1906 Cyclorama 360 degrees of Lake Tahoe region from Mt. Tallac 1906 Fallen Leaf Lake & Mt. Tallac near Lake Tahoe 1906

Canada Buffalo herd at Banff, Canada 1907 Valley of the Ten Peaks, Laggan, Alberta Canada 1907 Lake Louise, Laggan, British Columbia 1907 (2 files) panorama of the Little Yoho Valley, British Columbia, Canada 1907 Yoho Valley from Upper Lookout Point, British Columbia, Canada

Washington Pacific panoramas Cascade Mts., enclosing the Horse Shoe Basin, head waters of the Stehekin River, near Lake                                                                                                  Chelan, WA 1908, (2 files) Green Lake near Seattle WA   and article on Washington State citing ACP Lake Chelan Bellingham WA 5JAN1907 Lake Chelan, Cascade Mtns, WA 1908 (2 files) Mt. Rainier from 14519 ft. from Iron Mt., Indian Henry's hunting ground 1907   and article on Washington State citing ACP Lake Chelan 
Redlands and Riverside County views Redlands from Smiley Heights, Riverside County CA 1907 Riverside CA from Mt. Rubidoux 2AUG1907 Arrowhead Hot Springs Arrowhead Hot Springs resort 1907

Yosemite panoramas with Arthur C. Pillsbury’s invention the circuit panorama camera View at El Portal, Yosemite Valley RR Terminus 1908 Nevada Falls, Yosemite 1907 Upper Chilualna Falls from the trail, Yosemite Vernal Falls, Yosemite 1908 Tunnel Rock stagecoach Yosemite 1908 Yosemite Valley from Columba Rock 1908 Yosemite valley from the side of El Capitan 1908 (2 files) Panorama Mariposa Grove Yosemite Sentinel Hotel from Oak Cottage Bagby on Yosemite RR 1908 panorama in the Mariposa Big Tree Grove 1906 Upper Yosemite Falls 1908 Yosemite Valley Base of Sentinel Rock, Sentinel Hotel, Yosemite Falls, North Dome, Royal                                                                                                      Arches, Washington's Column, Cloud's Rest, Half-Dome 1906 New Way to Yosemite, Pleasant Valley on the Yosemite RR 1907 Yosemite from Artist Point 1906  Yosemite 1906 The fallen Monarch sequoia  Yosemite Falls in reflection 1906 photo  El Capitan, Yosemite 1906 photo  photo Squirrel 1913 Title transcribed from caption accompanying item - 
                                                                                Original copyright holder: Pillsbury's Pictures -  Forms part of: Frank and Frances Carpentercollection (Library of Congress).-  Gift; Mrs. W. Chapin Huntington; 1951.
Redwood Park CA Father of the Forest, Redwood Park CA 1907 (2 files)

Santa Barbara CA 1908 Santa Barbara CA 1908

Great White Peace Fleet of President Teddy Roosevelt
Panoramas by Arthur C. Pillsbury 1907-1908 or licensed, supplied, or purchased a circuit panoramic camera from AC Pillsbury who had the only such camera technology for one pass in use since 1897, and around his photo business in Palo Alto and Hearst employment in SF; Pillsbury had also re-engineered to functionality the wirephoto machine in 1903-1906 for both Hearst and Underwood & Underwood for which he was a stringer before, during, and after employment with WH Hearst running his Photographic Dept at the SF Examiner.  Roman Photographic Co. likely supplied or licensed by AC Pillsbury or purchased a version
                                                                                     of his circuit panoramic camera; 1908 Great White Fleet, Puget Sound; ACP took many
                                                                                     panoramas of the fleet up and down the Pacific coast with his circuit panorama 1:8 aspect ratio.
                                                                                    These may be that or a composite of several photographs. NH Reed photographer with Pillsbury circuit panorama camera Printed on image at lower left: "Panoramic View Co., Chas. Z. Bailey, Mgr., Los Angeles, Cal.;
                                                                                     likely licensed by AC Pillsbury as he traveled up the Pacific coast to keep up with the fleet
                                                                                     arrivals. Great White Fleet in SF at anchor likely licensed to J.W. Bledsoe or panoramic camera made

See other collections of the Great White (Peace) Fleet of Teddy Roosevelt 1908 panorama photos by AC Pillsbury, and some at BYU Lee Library Collection, digitized in possession of Melinda Pillsbury-Foster. (2nd listings of 150 each last name) Other prominent Pillsbury’s from parker in the Women’s Suffrage and Abolition movements to others are sorted through for Arthur Clarence Pillsbury’s works.
See following pages of 1,400 Pillsbury references for sequences with Arthur C. Pillsbury or Pillsbury Pictures or Pillsbury Picture Co. to find strays that may not be grouped elsewhere in the LOC.  Everything references to Pillsbury, panoramas and photos to follow  WR Hearst paper 1898 with Pillsbury reference    search for ACP in this year here   everything Pillsbury page 5 of 150 each references, ACP extractions to
                                                                                                                                         follow:  Check New York Herald and NY Journal & Advertiser papers for
                                                                                                                                         Pillsbury references in all these 1400 Pillsbury references
Pillsbury Picture Co.
Panoramas and other photos by Pillsbury and some others, identified.  
Note that Pillsbury clearly made his camera technology available to other photographers.  It is probable he had cameras made to order by Banfield and Hillinger, a company to which he outsourced much of the repetitive work related to his various businesses.

Pillsbury Pictures
Searches with significant repetition of images

A LOC search for 1910 Dominguez Hills Air Meet revealed nothing as yet, although other aviation and aerial pictures taken by AC Pillsbury are in other newspapers and references. He took them in the air from his balloon the Fairy, and was working in 1912 on a camera platform plane with Kneiling per Wooden Wings over the Golden Gate in 1912.