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Analysis - Three Views of Bridal Veil Road - Part II

5: Here is a close-up from the "Earl Brooks" photo

6: Close-up: Pillsbury Postcard No.16  

  ​(note & compare the tree silhouettes (esp. the bend of the branches of the tree nearest the Falls) and the Bridal Veil Falls characteristics to the following close-up of the PILLSBURY postcard #6 and the Norsigian print #7):  

7: Close-up section of NORSIGIAN Print

8: Another close-up section of PILLSBURY Postcard No.16:

  ​[Note the cut section of tree trunk on left side of road and the 3 shadows cast across the road at that spot; note also the tree tops just left of the Bridal Veil Falls base and the "bulge" or "clump" of branches of the tree across the road on the right ..... then look at the farthest dark shadow cast across the road] Compare these details with the following Pillsbury Postcard No.16 close-up:  

  ​9: Finally, look at this Pillsbury photograph showing the same road in winter:

  Note that the section of tree trunk on the left has been moved off the road and a "fence" of boulders has been added on the left, while the rest of the trunk remains on the right of the road just like in the previous Pillsbury Postcard No.16 and in the Norsigian print.

To Be Continued ......