Arthur C. Pillsbury Foundation

Protecting and Preserving All Life -- By Extending Human Vision

Building Your Own Album

Having an album to show your family and friends after returning from vacation was expected, generally.  Let's remember, however, that developing the exposures was not cheap.  What do you do if you think your finger was over the lens or realized someone could have been caught walking through the view?  

Providing small photos by the packet was a welcome solution.  For Pillsbury, this evolved from licensing photos to publishers such as Detroit.  AC wanted his own and he wanted small ones to fit into those albums.  There was less profit but more images to persuade the eager families and friends that nature was wonderful and needed to be understood and protected.  Financial profit had to be balanced with what worked to change minds and hearts.  

                                                           The actual size is shown below, also available in larger sizes and square.

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