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The San Francisco Call, 27 Mar 1906, Tue, Page 7

Arthur C. Pillsbury was a high-tech guy who was also an innovative businessman.  The re-organization of the sites on Pillsbury will include putting online examples of his products which illustrate his philosophy on serving the public, keeping these affordable, the prices reasonable, ensuring the needs of his customers were met for each particular need.  

Pillsbury designed or produced all of his own products, ususual for a concessionaire.  He answered the wish for entertainment in the evenings by showing - Nature Movies.  After the movie ended the Pillsbury Studio was open for business.  Customers could buy postcards, stationary, stamps, and find pens ready to use right there.  The Post Office was close by -  letters ready to be sent could be left in a recepticle near the door for that purpose to save the customer a few steps.   

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Post Cards number in the tens of thousands of separate images
For  the last thirty years we have been rebuilding the images and compiling the numbers.  We are tens of thousands of images from being finished. 

Presents to be sent were wrapped securely for the customer.  This included beautiful wooden boxes holding Wildflower Speciment cards, hand-tinted, tinted photos of customers, d'orotones, framed photos, and more.  As research cintinues the list of products and books continues to grow!

Customers could bring in their albums, buy small packages of Yosemite's natural wonders and put together their own album without having a camera.  We know this because these show up from inquiries who wonder why they see the same shots elsewhere.  This explains the sudden expertise in some grandparents for photography!  ​​


Customers could also have photos of themselves taken at reasonable cost and include these in their album or send copies on to family and friends.  Some innovations came from customer requests, others insights by Pillsbury or the cadre of students who worked there or by regular employees.  

Arthur C. Pillsbury designed and had printed his own stationary and business cards.

The Front and Back of Arthur C. Pillsbury's Business Card

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