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Protecting and Preserving All Life -- By Extending Human Vision

The Pillsbury Studios in Yosemite Valley

The Studio of the Three Arrows


Arthur C. Pillsbury owned a photographic studio in Palo Alto near Stanford University and the hospital his parents owned and operated from soon after the time he began college. Next door, was his other business, a bicycle shop where he built the first motorcycle in California.  His first informal studio was in the unfinished rafters of Encintas Hall on the Stanford Campus.
   That is where his life in business began.  

Pillsbury Studios 1906 - 1928

Encinas Hall, Leland Stanford, Jr.  University 1892
Photo is from Pillsbury's college album and was a contact print.

The Pillsbury Photographic Studio and Bicycle Shops just outside the gates of Stanford University

      Arthur C. Pillsbury was a successful businessman who used photography to provide people with a product they wanted.   These came in the form of postcards anyone could afford, framed images of the glories of nature from Yosemite and elsewhere around the world.  In effect, each photo, in any form, was a kind of advocacy for nature, reproduced as closely to nature as was possible.   
       I know of no other known inventor who put their life into the service of nature, makes his inventions available to others and publically declares his technologies are available for others to modify in ways that extend human vision.  

Arthur Clarence Pillsbury

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