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Yosemite Places

Poem from First Violet Series

No. 37 Remembered Cup
Written for my father, sanctuary found in Yosemite and for the relief of his anguish.

I heard the voices in the rocks;
water falling from great height
Laughter, chatter, lifted lives
The Waterfall still speaks delight.

Over rounded stones and trees
Fallen from the upstream sides
I could, if still recall the tones
Of children seeing things lost from sight.

I heard my father, not yet ten
Grown fearless in the Cup of Peace
Running through the meadowed world
That small forever, his to keep

I heard their certainties grown strong
Ventured hopes now lost in years
Rushed with gratitude for their joy
And grieved for echoes of those years.

I stood there, watching water fall
From heights and places removed and steep
Amazed at what our lives can keep
Through memories of hard won peace.

The Cup of Peace that healed their souls
Removed the wounds of life undone
Warmed their spirits with spirit’s sun
Restarted songs still yet unsung.

I watched the water falling free
And saw a world still yet to be.

Ahwahnee Hotel

Camp Curry & the Curry Family

Best Studio 

Boysen Studio

Camp Curry  1899

Fiske's Studio 

Yosemite Falls Studio

Pillsbury Studio
Studio of the Three Arrows, Old Village 1907

Studio of the Three Arrows 1924

Sentinel Hotel 

Yosemite Chapel 

Degnan's Bakery

Yosemite Transportation Service
       E. T. Huffman

Yosemite Store
        William Thornton

Old Yosemite Village is coming...

The website is going up, and soon you will be able to walk those streets and meet the people who lived and worked there.