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The Sierra Club​​

Founded - May 28, 1892
In the corporate offices of 
​Warren Olney

                      In 1892 monied interests in San Francisco had been looking at the Hetch Hetchy as the ideal source for the water needed to go forward with the developments in real estate they had already made for at least a decade.  Despite their later claims, most of these founding families who ran San Francisco appear to have possessed a low degree of conscience.  To flaunt fortunes made from mining, and the genocide practiced on California's native people indicates a marked lack of discernment in matters related to accountability.  
                 As you read the very long founding documents the number of attorneys and others who showed no particular interest in the preservation of nature raises questions which the history of the Sierra Club answers by its actions.  It is unusual for a group interested in nature, and supposedly preservation, that being the goal of John Muir, to be founded in the office of an attorney and have articles of incorporation which run to over 100 pages.  
                However, if they had announced themselves to the world as "Get Hetch Hetchy", which would have been more accurate, it would not have been possible to persuade John Muir to become their figurehead.  Preservation is very different from Conservation, which actually means to keep potential resources until they are most profitably used.  



                        When a pattern of behavior seems strange and unaccountable events take place, including the first nature movie, shown in Yosemite by its producer, Arthur C. Pillsbury, in 1909.  It is appropriate to examine the details and timeline of events and see if a more logical and understandable explanation emerges.  In this case, such an examination is in order.  

Considering the Facts