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The letter and offer of settlement below was delivered by hand to the Best Studio, now generally known as the Ansel Adams Gallery in early August of 2008.  The man who offered to deliver the letter, which he had read, was Fred Smart of Chicago.  Fred handed the letter to the proprietor of the Ansel Adams Studio in Yosemite in early August 2008.

There was no response from anyone in the Adams Family.  Now we are taking the facts to the public as a second step for achieving justice.  

I would later learn that the act of arson originated with Stephen Mather, as the means to eliminate Grandfather from Yosemite.  Mather's goal for making the National Parks System economically viable had been achieved and Grandfather was becoming far to influential and so a danger to Mather.  The act took place to clear the path for claiming credit for awakening Americans to their elemental relationship with Nature.  And in his way Mather did this, substituting 'recreation' for the far more important goal Grandfather was working to achieve.   This explained why the Adams family was confident their secret would remain unrevealed.  But times change.  Many more have now come forward to reveal the real legacy of the National Parks Service and what happened to Grandfather, and our family, shows the consistency of their corrupt behavior and the falsity of their professed values.  
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