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                                                     Arthur Clarence Pillsbury
                          from History.  Who was in on it?

​ Stephen Mather - First Director for the National Parks Service​​​​
He orchestrated events. Early on, Mather realized Pillsbury could be a threat to his ambitions.  But he needed Pillsbury, whose lectures and films were drawing thousands to Yosemite, to make his over ambitions plans viable.  Mather planned to duplicate his first 'success' in defrauding Francis Marion Smith, who he bankrupted with his partner Thomas Thorkildsen. Pillsbury, not the glossy PR campaign run by Robert Sterling Yard, was responsible for the rise in tourism.  Therefore, Mather demanded Pillsbury close his operations outside of Yosemite to ensure he had leverage over him.  When this proved to be inadequate because Pillsbury was gaining a national reputation and an influence which threatened Mather's position, Mather planned arson.  See 1926 Pillsbury Brochure.  Mather arranged to eliminate Pillsbury by obtaining a stooge to burn him out and displace him as a photographer.    From that time on, a cover-up started.   The Facts

Horace Albright - Second Director for the National Parks Service 
The privileges and perks of the elite are seductive.  Albright was seduced, but he understood the choice he had made. He loved Stephen Mather and lacked the discernment needed to see his own actions for what they were.  The cover-up was essential to dave himself, too.  Horrified at Mather's confession of self-dealing, he staged managed the cover-up of the first round of Mather's crimes.  Having done so, burning out Pillsbury became just another unpleasant necessity.  Albright had accepted his position as a clean-up man for Mather.  In 1933 Albright, a Mining Attorney became the CEO for U.S. Borax, 1933-1962.  Extractive industries now had access to lands held in trust for Americans and could swap these as needed.     The Facts

Ansel AdamsThe Janitor for the Pillsbury Studio
Ansel was intelligent but without any substantial education, which concerned his parents.  Offered a position within the elite he did not pause.  Mather had promised to protect and place him on the path to prestige and success. He torched the Studio in November 1927, entering it late at night to remove, either for his own use or on Mather's orders, the thousands of negatives and glass negatives on which the production of products depended.  He then set the fire which allowed Mather to force Pillsbury out of Yosemite. Many of the images, along with those of Boysen and Fiske, would be published as his own and for his efforts, he received an exclusive monopoly for photography in Yosemite.  By 1943 all other photographers were gone.  He knew this was the only way he could have the success his father failed to deliver and displace his grandfather in the eyes of those who knew them.   
                                                                                                                                                        The Facts

Another Significant Antagonist

Aetheline (Sadie) Banfield Deuel Pillsbury Married to Dr. S. A. Deuel and then to Arthur C. Pillsbury Sadie's life was a rupture line for fact.

   Aetheline allowed herself to be rescued from the San Francisco Earthquake and Fire by AC in 1906.  A hopeless romantic, AC promptly married her, assumed the support of the child she said was her's, who may not have been, and trained her three brothers and hired them to work for him.  
       They were eager to learn, worked hard, and become very productive.
    With all the kindness and sensitivity of the Evil Step-Mother in Cinderella, Aetheline's lies would cause aggravation and bewilderment to the present day.  The boy with his arms around Aetheline was thought to be Arthur Banfield Deuel.  Decide for yourself how likely that is. 
     Unlike the men above Sadie's focus was much closer to home, but still destructive.   
The Facts

  The Conspiracy Starts: 1915 
The Cover-Up:  1927 – 2018
By Melinda Pillsbury-Foster

The first Microscopic Motion Picture Camera, 1925 - Designed, Built and used to make the first movie of  cells dividing.
​You never heard of him, right?  

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