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Yosemite Nature Notes
Bibliographical Information
Ansel F. Hall, editor. Yosemite Nature Notes 1 (1922) (Yosemite National Park: Yosemite Natural History Association, 1922). Mimeographed, 28 cm. Weekly July - September, 8 issues. Number 5 (August 7, 1922) is misnumbered as number 4. LCCN 54040211. Library of Congress call number QH1.Y6. U. S. Government Document Call Number: I 29.119

Digitized by Dan Anderson, May 2007, from a copy at Young Research Library (UCLA). 

Contributors to this publication are not mentioned.  Only the names of those employed by the NPS are allowed to have their names on what does into these magazines.  However, the content itself carries information which shows a depth of understanding on nature which was not possessed by anyone employed by the NPS.  The individual writing these short sightings of flowers and other natural happenings could have been no one but Arthur C. Pillsbury, who was all over the Park every week, making this possible for him to provide.  

We are anxious to view and scan all of the originals.